Church Website Design

Church Website Design

Some Of The Features You May Want To Include At A Later Stage Are:

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Online Donations For Churches

Let your supporters support you by giving online donations easily and securely through the comfort of their homes. We can work with you to provide you with options of payment gateways. You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Events & Calendar

List the events taking place at the church on your events calendar. Again here, we can look at many different calendar options to be used with your website. We can always compare & choose the best for you.
If you need people to register for your events, we can do that. You can also choose to ask for a payment to be made for attending the events. Or make them free if you wish.


Let your audience subscribe to your newsletters. Whenever there is an update, you can send out newsletters informing of the event to all concerned. This lets your supporters stay in touch and form a close knit community.

Integrate Social Media

With a good website design in place, it is important to have your presence felt across different social media platforms.
People today like to be socially active online. It is important for the church to be also active online. With a good social media following, it is easy to keep everyone informed, in touch, and engaged.

Live Video Streaming

Today you can show your church events directly online through Facebook and YouTube. They both give you the option to go live on your phone and capture everything as it happens live. The video is streamed live on all these platforms.